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Anti-Scratch Protective Cover For Apple Airtags

Anti-Scratch Protective Cover For Apple Airtags

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Suitable for Apple locator airtag protective case, wallet card airtags protective case;
This AirTags card holder is the size of a card holder with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. Made of environmentally friendly plastic materials, it is very light and suitable for all card wallets or handbags.
AirTag's white wallet protective cover is in the shape of an ID card, which is very simple. This kind of card sleeve design can make your bracelet not so easy to expose, but it will not affect its receiving signal
The unique design of the card box. Put your bracelet in a very stable corner, not only will not affect the beauty of your wallet, but also prevent the loss of items, which is very helpful to protect your wallet.
The card cover protects your tag from being scratched and lost. The tag will help you track your wallet.
Put the Tag in the card holder, then put the card holder in your wallet, put your child's schoolbag, or any items you are worried about losing, it is very convenient.

Material: Plastic
Size: 82.4*50.4*5.3mm
Color: black, white
Purpose: Suitable for wallets, work cards, bag anti-lost, etc.
Package includes: 1*AirTag card type protective cover

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